Monday, 23 November 2015

Inspiration Monday #9

Hello my friends,I hope you are having / had a good Monday. For today's insprational post we're talking about creating from the heart as opposed to the head. I always find this subject an interesting one...


If you're feeling it and are not overthinking it you're winning. Do you find projects never work so well if you're thinking everything out too much? Creativity is about freedom and expression. It seems getting too wound up in the ins and outs just results in you feeling stifled, which is so far removed from what art is supposed to be about. Thinking seems the foe of artistic endeavours...

The best projects I've ever created (in my own opinion) are ones that I seemingly "threw" together hap hazardly with complete freedom and enjoyment which were not overly planned or particularly thought out. For me it feels resourceful, fun and free .

I know most of the projects I struggle with are ones where I'm thinking, thinking, thinking and possibly over complicating things. Creating in an almost absent minded sense means you end up creating more intuitively which always produces an end result that works and falls into place. 

How do you like to create? Do you have creative issues? Would love to hear!



  1. Yes I do agree, some layouts grow themselves and others just seem to fight me!!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Fran, in fact I was only thinking the exact same thing last week. The quote is perfect!