Tuesday 8 December 2015

Inspiration Monday #11

Hello everyone!

Just a quick one today as I find five minutes to peek up from the desk of CHA project samples.
This inspiration Monday takes a wintery festive turn this week, thinking I should make the most of the season.

There are certain things I love about Winter (admittedly few!) and these picture encompasses many of them; wood, galvanised metals, chunky logs and lush evergreens. Beautiful!

Personally I love all of those textures together, there is something so rustic and fresh about them.You can almost smell the wood, crisp greenery and hear the crunchy snow underfoot. There is something wonderfully nostalgic about it too.

The neutrel colours mixed with stark white and dark grey draw me in and they are something I like to incorporate into my Christmas projects and gift wrapping. I remember when I was growing up collecting greenery along with twigs to decorate and create with and it was such an enjoyable thing to do, filled with anticipation and something I still enjoy doing nowadays if I get the chance!

Do you have any particular favourite festive textures? Would love to hear them :)

Have a great week

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