Friday 17 April 2015

Colour Fun!

Hi dearests. We have some colour fun on the Prima blog today, with my contribution being this punchy creation combining lavender and navy blue.

The background for this mini canvas was created using Heavy Gesso and Color Bloom mists, adding mists to the the gesso whilst still wet. For the central feature I altered the Oregano vine and added some natural foliage on top of the Ingvild Bolme resin frame.

I love how the natural twigs combine with the vibrant blue and lavender. Naturally I had to add a touch of denim... ;)

You can just see the navy poking out on the bottom butterfly which I added with a navy watercolour pencil from The Basics set.

I used paint and watercolour pencils to colour the frame and filled with Art Ingredients Mulberry Mica Flakes for some texture.

Some fun was had altering alphabet stickers and gibing them a bit of a graffiti look to them.
Who loves a good colour combo, any favourites?

Have a lovely weekend,

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  1. Hi. That touch of denim is a great addition. It's beautiful!!;)