Friday 30 October 2015

Halloween House of Horrors

Hello and a Happy Friday to you all!

Today I have a special little Prima  project to share with you using Sandra Evertson's Relics & Artifacts resins. I love creating projects for Halloween, it's so mad and fun!

This spooky haunted house started off as a Prima Bird House Altered Metal Frame which I painted the outside of the house with gray chalk paint and added texture with Graphite Paste. The inside has been painted in black gesso used an empty Prima embellishment box as shelving which I've filled with some "creepy" goodies! Just to show you that you can alter your Prima embellies to fit into any project for any occaision .

A Relics and Artifacts skull was highlighted with a waterproof pen and suspended in an old jar which I filled with water tinted with Emerald Color Bloom spray - this is so simple but very cool!

I've used a Relics and Artifacts Figurehead which has been turned into a scary Beetlejuice style head with some help of watercolor pencils and we also have a R&A (severed) green hand on the shelf.

Check out the little bat made with Mechanicals wings and a brad... I upturned the fastening backs to create ears!

To make the spider webs I used PVA glue piped onto baking parchment, added Art Sugar glitter over the wet glue and left to dry. Peel off the dried "webs" and you're good to go.

 Just to show you that anything can be altered it's so much fun to try!

Memory Hardware - Montpellier Apothecary Vials 4pc 990619
Altered Metal Frame - Bird House 961336
Color Bloom - Sultry Shimmer Emerald 573928
Color Bloom - Vintage Metal Precious Stone 573812
Art Ingredients-Iridescent Mica Powder: Blue Opal Magic 963545
Archival Cast: Figureheads 941628
Archival Cast: Milagros 941581
Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel (8 fl. oz.) 961381
Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Black (8.5 fl. oz.) 961459
Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White (8.5 fl. oz.) 961442
Art Basics - Soft Matte Gel (8.5 fl. oz.) 961428
Art Extravagance- Texture Paste - Graphite (8.5 oz.) 961497
Art Ingredients-Art Sugar: White 961800
Art Ingredients-Mica Flakes: Frosted 961749
Resin - Bugs 892524
Memory Hardware - La Vie Antique Cloches 990312
Metal Cast Iron Shabby Chic Treasures  892418
Art Ingredients-Micro Beads: Black 962555
Mechanicals - Wings 0962432
Watercolor Pencils - The Basics 576714

Spooky hugs,


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