Monday, 19 October 2015

Inspiration Monday #4

A warm hello to you all!  I hope you all well and had a good weekend and are raring to start the week off in creative style.

For this week's inspiration thinking a lot about hands and their place in the creativity process, aside from the obvious part.

So are they part of the process or part of the artwork? Well personally I think both. Some of you will know I'm not shy of getting covered in paint, inks and general art mess. I use my hands as a mixing palette, as paintbrushes, I rub shade and mould with them thus in turn they become part of the artwork. Which is pretty cool when you think about it don't you think?

Getting stuck in and using those mitts in every way can be very therapautic and often you can get much better results my using fingers instead of brushes, knives etc.

Sure it can be annoying sometimes having hands stained with multitude of colours but no matter. And surely that's part of it and for me, part of art.

 Are you a hand brush / palette person? Would love to know!


1 comment:

  1. Brilliant concept for your post! I too love to use my hands but then I also love to do my nails!! It's tricky but I always end up messy no matter what!!! It just wouldn't be the same otherwise...