Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Inspiration Monday (Tuesday) #3

Hi lovelies. I am back today with a later than planned Inspiration Monday, or more accurately Tuesday ;) It's all very busy busy here, along with an unwelcome dose of Autumnal virus, eugh. Soup and cocoa it is for me this week!.

Anyways, we are on to week three of  inspiration which is this awesome list of ways to stay creative.  It's very relevant to me currently and I think most of us can relate to having struggled with distractions and creative blocks at some point.

Most of the points are great but I've picked out five that I think are especially useful and inspirational, which can be a challenge at times for even the best of us.

7. Such a useful point! How many times have you been going square eyed, pushing and forcing it to work and not really "seeing" it anymore? Once you come back to a project the next day or in a few hours there is opportunity to get a fresh angle and some perspective. I find a brisk walk always helps!

12. Being open...this is a fabulous point. Being open is one of the most important things you can do to open up your creativity. Being receptive to new ideas, new styles and techniques. Even using colours that you don't usually gravitate towards and be terribly refreshing - one of the best mottos is in for a penny in for a pound...

23. Which leads nicely onto this one: getting out of your comfort zone. Why stick to the same old? Never feeling slightly freaked out by trying something different (ie out your zone) will not breed creativity. Go with something new, be bold...you have nothing to loose trying it!

26. If something doesn't or isn't working it's a good tactic to learn to be able to regroup and start over. You know deep down when something isn't all happening and more often than not easier to scrap it and go again.

I would love to know what you think!

Have a fab week


  1. Just joined your blog! Didn't see it down there at the bottom!! Great series!!! I absolutely agree 100% with your chosen points. For me, looking at the list, my 2cents worth would be - (from make lists) what I do is I have my own FB group with just me & my daughter (she's just there in case somehow I delete myself & can't get back in!) & in there I have a schedule with my DT work - when it goes live - when it is due in - and when I am going to do it - so each day I clock in & see what is on my list. I try my best to stick to that! I do carry a notebook everywhere (point 2) & I do try to stay away from the computer (point 4) but as our job is also to be social media ambassadors that one is not easy, but it does happen when I am having a creative marathon!! 9) Drinking a lot of tea definitely helps too!!! & 13 & 14 is what the bloggy world is all about. ♥ my bloggy friends xx

  2. Great to see you on here and thanks for the comments :) Really interesting to read your inspo points too xx

  3. Hi, I agree, most of these points are really great. Thanks. Drinking tea definitely always helps!! For me I think it's very important to stay original, do not try to compare your work to others and that ,,write down your idea,, is a good one! Will be popping in on Mondays for sure.

  4. What a fabulous mix of textures. Love the surprise of the denim! Really pretty colour scheme also.