Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Hello again lovelies! I'm here today with your Mixed Media Place fix and I have a fun little altered creation for you today. Meet Pedrolino!

We all have some off-beat fascinations don't we? One of mine are with vintage clowns and pierrots, especially pierrots known as a melancholic qualities. There is something compelling about them, so full of drama and quirkiness. I had an old dolls face which I thought would be perfect for altering for such a purpose as this and I rather like how the end result has finished up crossed between a pierrot and medusa.

I really enjoy creating altered 3D objects and personally find it opens my mind to creativity more than anything else. 

My starting point for this project was an old dolls face and a star shaped tin which I found in a junk shop. I flipped the tin upside down and adhered a Mechanicals cap and pendants to the tin topped with a cotton reel using 3D Gel, the ultimate for sticking heavy embellishments!

I found myself pulling seasonal colours into the project using yellow and gold toned chalk paints on the project then brightening with a beautiful flashes of watermelon pink.

I added a feather painted with mica powder and Silkes along with coiled wire decoarated with Finn star brads behind the flower head .

For the pierrot's face I used a black fine liner pen to draw the make up then added colour with a brush of oil pastel pink - just like using real make up like blusher!

Around the base of the tin I sprinkled black micro beads onto 3D gel then toned the colour down with mica powder and gold Silkes paint. For the finishing touches I added some flowers highlighted with gold.

Have a wonderfully creative day!


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