Monday, 26 October 2015

Inspiration Monday #5

Hey-lo dearest! I hope you are all in fine fettle. I have a quick shot of inspiration for you today before I head off back to my busy week! This Monday our inspiration is a bit of visual fun - Halloween. Now I don't really "celebrate" Halloween but I just love the orange, black, pumpkins, skulls etc. and find the time of year so inspirational. It brings my ideas out in abundance.

But of course it doesn't all have to be about the gruesome; we can draw in the colours,textures and more more subtle elements to our projects. Just look at the fab colour scheme from this pumpkin photo, beautifully warm and Autumnal.

Which season or time of the year inspires you? I'd love to know :)

Check back later in the week for a project very much inspired by this post....stay tuned!

Bye for now

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  1. Halloween is not for me at all but I do love Fall and Autumn with it's amazingly rich colours and textures!! Here we only really have Summer, which is great but gets a bit boring LOL